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Step 1:

Click, All about Visas to confirm the visa type, based on your reason for travel.

Step 2:

Click here to complete your online application.

Step 3:

If the application has been completed you must download & print all form/s, read and complete checklist for type of visa.

Step 4:

Check fees payable, payment Options and documents required. All such details can be found in the respective visa categories under the section.

Step 5:

Sign form/s at all indicated places. (Signatures required on visa application form 2x, referral form (if applicable) 1x.

Step 6:

Ensure photos are strictly as per specifications. (Link) (Size 50mm x 50mm, colored and light background. A Photo booth taking pictures as per specification is available at the IVAC Geneva (4pictures for the price of CHF 20)

Step 7:

Check processing time to plan your travel accordingly.

Step 8:

Submit your Application along with the passport and required documents at the Indian Visa Application Centre in Bern in person/by a representative or sent it by post.

Step 9:

Track your Application online.

Step 10:

Your passport will be returned to you by the mode of delivery opted by you when submitted.

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